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Our Commitment to Expanding Access to Life-saving Treatment Options
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At Apobiologix, we understand invention is not the only way to innovate. It's this forward thinking that puts our Research and Development team on the leading edge of biosimilar product development.

The foundation for our future growth is well established

Our first 2 products are short- and long-acting G-CSF biosimilars.

We launched Grastofil® (filgrastim), biosimilar to Neupogen in Europe in 2013. In 2015, Apobiologix also launched Grastofil in Canada. The FDA is actively reviewing our applications for both Apobiologix pegfilgrastim, biosimilar to Neulasta® and Apobiologix filgrastim, biosimilar to Neupogen® for use in the United States.

Product Development Waves

We are continually exploring additional therapeutic proteins for developmental consideration.


Invention is not the only innovation.

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