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Apobiologix - The APP

The Apobiologix Partnership Program - (The APP)


The Apobiologix Partnership Program (APP) is an initiative focused on supporting our partners with a verity of important projects and programs that are meaningful to them and their patients.

The APP is focused on four main pillars that help optimize patient care and support excellence in oncology. Click on an icon to learn more about a specific initiative:


Educational HCP Initiatives Icon
Educational HCP Initiatives

Devoted to advancing educational initiatives that ultimately seek to improve patient care.

Educational Patient Resources Icon
Educational Patient Resources

Devoted to better support patients through their disease journey.

Grants & Projects Icon
Grants & Projects

To support projects and programs that aim to improve clinical understanding or drive sustainability and efficiencies of the healthcare system.

Recognition, Awards & Value-Added Services Icon
Recognition, Awards & Value-Added Services

To recognize and award individuals who have made a significant contribution to their practice area.

Please contact your Apobiologix representative for more information
on the APP and how to apply for any of the projects or programs.

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